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If you guys thinking of perform the" Queen two" record even i come running to see you this is a magic performance. And that your are from my country make´s it´s even more grand. Bra jobbat killar o tjejer.

Quite simply the best cover of a Queen song ever!..... even Doctor Brian is impressed. I never usually go for triubte acts, but if these guys toured the UK, I would definately go to see them. Thanks for keeping the spirit of Queen alive!

Brilliant!!!! What a live performance......just stunning. Well done!!

Very well done....Fantastic....5***** Thanks for uploading!! Dianne

Excellent. Please come to Australia

I got to this clip after reading about it on Brian's soapbox.
This is awesome, it gave me goosebumps.
What a magnificent piece of work this is, and so beautifully performed. I'm speechless.

This guy should tour with Roger and Brian as Paul Rodgers is no longer with them what range what a singer

This is as wonderful as Queen always was to me and will be.

The whole world has to see this. His voice is great!
also the choir is perfectly clear, Thanks so much!

My mind has officially been blown.

It makes me shiver! Whooow, this really making
music, screw every coverband, THIS IS IT!
Freddie would be proud.

I saw you yesterday at Gävle Concert Hall and just have to say that you were all brilliant. The musicians had found each and every little detail from "A Night At The Opera" which was the album that got me hooked on Queen. That you top all this with an awesome voice and a tone span to kill for, does not make the appearance worse.
Agree with the audience yesterday - you were worth every round of applause and the standing ovations - Awesome!
My youngest son (soon to be 18 years old) became excited when he heard the video features of the website and is a given at this summer's concert at Dalhalla.
Good luck in the future & thanks for a wonderful Saturday night in Gavle.
Mikael Sköld 24/1 -10

Freddy lives on inside Johan's heart. When it all ended with The Show Must Go On, one had to cry a little. A Night At The Opera is probably their best album. Incredibly good evening!
Anders Pramborg
Just want to thank you and your "Crew" for a wonderful and nostalgic evening! So much goose bumps I have not experienced since the Rolling Stones in Copenhagen! - - - It was with great joy but also sadness that I left Rival tonight. Looking forward to reliving it in Dalhalla this summer and hope that Europe, USA etc. may take part of your performance!
Ulrika 18/1 -10

Can only agree with the praise chorus - What a night you gave us at Rival! Your voice, the guitars and the CHOIR! The choir - what a job they did .... and your stage presence! Impressive! You all have Queen under your skin - it shows!

WOW! We were at Rival tonight and saw Queen - A Night at the Opera. What a night. Johan must be among the best singers we have in Sweden today! Everything was good, band, choir, light ... the sound of course! We got so much energy from this evening that now I long only for the next time we get to see and listen to Johan. THANK YOU!
Anette Strand

Just want to thank you for a wonderful show! Your amazing voice, extremely talented musicians and choir. This Saturday night in Växjö will give us energy for a long time, and had there only been time, we would have gone to Jönköping for a replay. Millions of thanks to all involved.

Thanks, Johan for a smashing evening.
We were positively surprised of your ability.
I thought no one could reach up to Freddie's level ... but you did it with flying colors.
I am certain ... Freddie was there last night ...
You were awesome.
Thank you.
Gisela Akesson

I simply shivered. Wonderful evening. You sing and perform fantastically.
Your choir and your band sings, plays superbly. - - - Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ingrid Wernborg

Went to see the concert in Vara last night, I was very skeptical beforehand. Who can match Queen without making complete fools of themselves? But after 5 seconds, I had goosebumps and tears in my eyes. Hell, You, the choir, and the band was perfect. I have heard live recordings with Queen that did not sound as good! Thanks !!!!!!

Five stars out of five .. Totally Awesome.

This was the best I've seen in a long time. Lots of credit both to those on stage and those behind. Johan has an incredible voice that fits great for Queen. Thanks for an enjoyable evening that could have gone on forever.

The hairs on my arms still have almost not come down after yesterday's concert in Ystad theater.There are virtually no words, but WOW !!!!! might cover it. What a voice and presence! Great credit to the choir as well. Wonderful concert!
Gunilla Ohlsson

I say as Boding said, "Thanks for a magical evening"
It was so awesome! Bought new tickets immediately for September.
What I also think is good is that Johan gives the band and the incredibly great choir their "credit".
Thought beforehand: how will they achieve all of Queen's harmonies on stage.
Such goosebumps I have not had since I gave birth to my son, what voices, what pros!
The band was a little in the background at first, but what guys!! Beautiful guitar harmonies!
Do as I, BUY TICKETS !!!!!!!
Thank you for an incredibly magical evening, Boding with choir !!!!!

It was the best concert ever at Scala Theatre! You were unbelievably good Johan! We will see the show again.