Breakthru at Dalhalla.

I am extremely proud and happy to have presented A Night At The Opera on one of Sweden's largest national scenes.
Furthermore, I am grateful that Dalhalla with Hakan Ivarson in the lead supported and believed in us.
Along with the 3500 in the audience a great deal of energy was created in the indescribable Dalhalla arena.
Setting up the show at Dalhalla was a dream. It is good to dream on...

Erik Rynefors

My expectations were exceeded!

Last fall I was invited to the Scala Theatre in Karlstad to see and hear a show based on music by Queen. It was the third show on the same theme that I'd had the opportunity to visit in recent years.

Since the variation in quality has been remarkably high, it was with some hesitation and a rather tepid anticipation that I decided to say yes.

The show by far exceeded my expectations!

This was genuine joy of playing - and at the same time there was a nerve in the show - which touched the audience and gave me, and probably many more, goose bumps. I even forgot to make comparisons with the originals... On the spot, I decided to try to get the show to Dalhalla and we have since worked quickly to expand and develop the show with special effects for it to come into its own in the big arena.

Hakan Ivarson CEO


(Photo: Rolf Matthies)

(Photo: Rolf Matthies)

The success of 2009 once again in Dalhalla!

An indescribable feeling of happiness...

...for the ensemble during and after the success of Dalhalla last Friday, in front of almost 4000 in the audience, means that we can not stop now.

The Show Must Go On!


(Photo: Pär Sunnemar)(Photo: Pär Sunnemar)

dalhalla(Photo: Sven Park)