Night of Queen Band

Tomas Gantelius, band leader & keyboards

Educated at the the Music Academy in Oslo and at the the Conservatory of Lyon. Has worked as a freelance musician at the Wermland Opera and Säffle Opera. Currently at the Arts School in Karlstad. His field of work ranges from classical piano music through silent movie music to tango and rock. Tomas has loved Queen since his teens.

Janne Zander, guitars
Janne has played with countless artists and bands. The last 10 years pop with Dabuzz, and around the world blues with Bert Deivert. Has a great passion for the guitar in all its forms.

Bengt Davidson, guitars
He has played with many Swedish greats, from Christer Sjögren, Sven-Ingvars to Tommy Körberg, Nisse Landgren and Helen Sjöholm. Hundreds of musical performances with Wermland Opera Shielding and Country Theatre. Founder of the Cabary Company and the Scala Theatre. Master builder by occupation.

Per-Arne Pettersson, bass
Works as a music teacher at Sundsta High School in Karlstad and Geijerskolan in Ransäter. Freelance musician playing in all sorts of rock, pop, blues and jazz contexts.

Klas Anderhell, drums
Played in the band Jerusalem 1978-81 and then as a freelance musician with various artists, live and recording.
Eg. Carola, Michael Rickfors, Pugh, Mats Ronander and Hanne Boel. Since 2002 with Sven-Ingvars, one of Sweden's best known orchestras.




Night of Queen Choir

Formed as a project choir in September 2008 for the upcoming show. The singers come from Karlstad and its surroundings. Some of the singers participated in an earlier Queen tribute show a few years back, others knew each other from other choirs and for some, it was nothing but new faces.

In a short time, this wonderful collection of individuals became a homogeneous group with common goals. Since the start, four new singers have joined.

The choir arrangements are almost exclusively original backing vocals transcribed by Jonas Angerud. The material has been processed using modern technology and has been rehearsed individually as well as together.

In connection with the performances in Södertälje in April 2009, Anders Börjesson was engaged as director with the task of developing the show. Vocals teacher Gun-Britt Gustafsson has also helped to refine the choir sound.

Jenny Grahn, Annelise Rynefors, Agnetha Kjörsvik,
Annah Lindstrom, Jessica Blomqvist

Anna Nilsson Lindgren, Josefin Svensson Alma Bareisyte,
Erika Larsson, Karin Davidsson Gynnemo, Emelie Hindersson

David Sjöö, Per Blomberg, Marcus Ohman, Markus Lindqvist

John Martinson, Andreas Grahn, Andreas Jonsson,
Bjorn Leimar, Klas Brohagen, Pontus Wikström

I'm In Love With My Car
Agnetha Kjörsvik

Good Company
Per Blomberg / Markus Lindqvist
Marcus Öhman / David Sjöö,
Andreas Jonsson / Klas Brohagen

A Kind Of Magic
Agnetha Kjörsvik, Andreas Jonsson,
Annah Lindstrom (dance)